About Us

Founded in 1995 by Graeme and Raewyn Martin, Bay Events has been delivering results in the consumer exhibition industry for over 20 years. Our aim is to create events where exhibitors do well and visitors enjoy the experience, by creating, building, and managing a platform for face to face marketing.

What makes us different is we believe people are what matters most. We create shows using great people, to work with great people, so that we attract great people.

Tauranga is a growing region with a population increase of over 50% over the past 18 years, not only that, but the discretional buying power of the region’s population has increased substantially over that period as well.

With over 23 years of experience and 40 events under their belts, Graeme and the team at Bay Events are committed to delivering the kind of visitors that generate new customers, qualifies leads, and increase sales for your products and services.

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